All Out May 1 for Publich Schools!

May 1 Program

On May 16, 2018 educators across North Carolina took action to defeat fear, hopelessness, and the power of those working to privatize public schools.

The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) just wrapped up its 2019 Convention. During debate at the convention representatives from across the state identified and overwhelmingly voted to set the following items as demands to the North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA):

  1. Provide enough school librarians, psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses, and other health professionals to meet national professional-to-student standards;
  2. Provide $15 minimum wage for all school personnel, 5% raise for all ESPs (non-certified staff), teachers, administrators, and a 5% cost of living adjustment for retirees;
  3. Expand Medicaid to improve the health of our students and families;
  4. Reinstate state retiree health benefits eliminated by the General Assembly in 2017;
  5. Restore advanced degree compensation stripped by the General Assembly in 2013.

The convention also set May 1, 2019 as a day of action to call all public school workers and supporters together and demand the NCGA act on these demands. Organize 2020 is working with NCAE staff to mobilize public school employees and supporters of public education across the state.

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